Family Counselling

Working with families around their identified goals while supporting safe, respectful communication. 

Working therapeutically with families

Family therapy otherwise known as Family and Systemic Psychotherapy, supports individuals and their families experiencing a range of challenges including behavioural concerns, communication difficulties, conflict, grief or anger. It is underpinned by the understanding that all of us are influenced by and are having an influence on the significant people and relationships in our lives. Family therapy provides the opportunity and space to come together to share and think about each person's experience of the identified challenges and about the family as a whole. It can be an empowering and healing experience for all family members. 


Families come in many different shapes and sizes. I work with biological and blended families and families formed through foster, kinship and permanent care and adoption. Family therapy prioritises the goals identified by the family  and supports families to connect with each other and to think about their hopes, needs, difficulties and fears.


The invitation where safe and appropriate is extended to all family members to participate, however, some members may not yet feel ready and that is also ok. Throughout our work together, there may be sessions which involve all family members and other sessions attended by only one or two family members to provide deeper exploration of the unique perspectives, patterns and dynamics. 


It is normal for challenges to arise within families at various stages of the life cycle or at times of stress or change. If you feel having support with these challenges would be beneficial please reach out. 

Family in Nature