Family Contact Support

A safe, neutral, independent third-party to support families as they navigate household and life changes such as separation, adoption or permanent care.

How does Family Contact Support Work?

Anna recognises that regardless of what may be going on in a parent's life, the most important thing is ensuring the safety and best interest of the children. To that aim, Anna works collaboratively and as a neutral third party, establishing with parents and carers how supervised contact can occur in a way that feels safe, engaging and memorable for all the right reasons.

Every family is different and Anna believes that family interactions  should occur in age-appropriate environments whenever possible. This may include the park, playground, beach, sports activity or simply enjoying a meal or normal routine together in a home environment.

Many people report feeling powerless, worried or judged during these times. To alleviate these feelings, Anna spends time with each parent or carer, listening and providing opportunities to identify your unique needs and hopes for family contact. 


Contact Anna to discuss your goals and worries and lets work together to establish a path forward that feels comfortable and natural for all involved.

Father and Daughter Having Breakfast
Happy Family


Monday to Friday Contact            $80.00 per hour

Saturday and Sunday Contact      $105.00 per hour

Public Holiday Contact                 $145.00 per hour

Provision of Court Evidence         $80.00 per hour

Additional travel cost incurred if location is more than 20 kilometres from Melbourne CBD.

Court Report pricing available upon request.

Assistance with transportation of child and handover available. Pricing dependent on location and needs. Call to discuss your individual situation.

A minimum of two hours is charged per contact and for provision of court evidence. A discounted rate is offered for contact times exceeding four hours.